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Dalgona Coffee, Anyone?

Dalgona coffee videos have been making rounds for quite some time now. Everyone coming up with their own version of this two layered coffee. One "Real Man" laughed at all  these sissies making coffee and came up with a rudimentary layering of whisky on water.
Well here's something even better for the "Lazy MAN" (or for that matter Lazy Lady - I don't believe in gender bias). Just carefully pour yourself a shot glass full of Sheridan.
It should look something like this:
You may also call it the Inverted Dalgona. Tastes just as good if not better.

Just for your info: Sheridan is a just another Irish Coffee "taste-a-like". But it is uniquely packaged as a separate dark coffee-Irish whisky mixture and a white cream based liqueur in a single bottle with two compartments with two separate openings. It is produced by Thomas Sheridan and Sons Distillery which is owned by the Gilbey's group which also produces Bailey's Irish Cream.

Ten Questions - Part 1

Was reading an article on Good Questions to Ask - to get to know people. Don't know if I could answer any of these questions with a straight face. But, here's a game. I will start my music player and hit SHUFFLE and the next song is the answer to the next question and this goes on till list of questions is exhausted.

So here goes
  1. What’s The Number One Item You Would Save From Your Burning House?
    Answer: Shape of You - WOW, Who is you? And that must be some really wonderful shape that you may be having. 

  2. What Really Makes You Angry?
    Answer: Take my breath away - True that.
    When you come close to me,
    You take my breath away.
    Honey! What have you stepped into...
    to smell that way??

  3. What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Career?
    Answer: Who's that chick - Another WOW. Or may be that chick is in the next office

  4. What Makes You Laugh The Most?
    Answer: Let me love you - Yeah, I am ticklish.

  5. Aside From Necessities, What One Thing Could You Not Go A Day Without?
    Answer: Bubble butt - Oooooo I like that!!!

  6. What Does A Successful Relationship Look Like To You?
    Driven to tears - Ummm, tears of happiness may be 

  7. What Is Something You Like To Do That Other People Would Probably Consider “Weird” If They Knew?
    Tonight I'm lovin' you - Ho!! I do have weird ways to love besides..
    From the window..
    to the wall..
    gotta give you..
    my ALL!!!

  8. What Big Life Changes Have You Recently Experienced?
    Little Bad Girl - What an anti-thesis!! Big Life change through a Little Bad Girl

  9. What Is Your Favorite Holiday?
    I cant get enough - Man!! That's spot on!!

  10. What Is The First Thing You Would Do If You Won The Lottery?
    Waiting for Tonight - Hmmm!! Let's see who or WHO ALL turn up (wink wink) after knowing I won the lottery
I am so loving this. I think I shall do more of this, but all in good time.


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